WordPress Multisite

This website is running WordPress Multisite, a version of WordPress that allows you to run a network of websites that all share one central Database, as well as Themes and Plugins.

This lets us create a network of “sub-sites” for different purposes, like to promote events, projects, or use as a basic WordPress learning environment.

For example we can use it to create subdomain based websites for our Meetup members who are totally new to WordPress that just want to learn how to do some basic things like creating a blog post, or making a page, uploading photos, etc. without having to purchase a domain or hosting.

Check out one of our sub-sites we’re working on for an upcoming WordPress Contributor Day!


Don’t have a domain name or hosting account to run WordPress on, but you still want to learn how to use WordPress? No problem!

If you’re new to WordPress and want to start learning slowly (and without having to spend any money) we’ll be happy set you up with a WordPress Multisite website based on a subdomain (with a URL something like: “https://mynewblog.wppetaluma.org”, etc.) so you can start learning how to use WordPress right away, and, totally free!

Just email us at: multisite@wppetaluma.org and we’ll hook you up!

Is WordPress awesome or what?!